Friday, 13 November 2015

Our Day At Stardome

Today In the morning we were going on a trip to stardome but first because it was Thursday we went down to the hall and danced because it was dance fever.We stayed there for at least 45 minutes and went off to stardome.We were going by bus there were 2 of them here at glenbrae school 1 was for room 10 and 9   the other bus was for room 7 and 8.As the teachers were settling in the bus the bus driver started his engine and head off to stardome that's all the way in Cornwall park.

It took us 19 minutes to get there or more because there might of been traffic.But once we arrived there we had our lunch and played at the park there park was amazing I first played on the wheel thing It was so much fun.I then went to play on the flying fox it was kind of low for some people like me.Room 10 and 9 played for 1 hour because room 7 and 8 were in the stardome looking at all the planets that were there.

It was really hot I started to feel sick and tired.But as room 7 and 8 came out of the stardome It was finally room 10 and 9 turn to go In.I felt excited because It was my first time here at stardome.When we walked In there was a space rocket on the left side of the door.But when you walked down a bit It was full with rockets and telescopes and the suites that were there.

We then got told the people with the bags put It Into and went Into a room that was called space
room.We sat down and the light went dined we were talking about space and whats up there and guess what did you know that the earth times It by thirty and and that's how far the moon Is.

After that we got to go and look around and see the different types of rockets and what they use to breath In space there has been a lot of people that has went to the moon and back and to get to the moon It takes 3 days and 2 years to get back.I find that hard to believe In.Our earth Is made up from little dust from space and left over sun that's how our earth Is made and It Is colorful from all the bits and peaces from space.

After that was all done we went outside to our bus we only got to spend 1 hour In there.When we said our goodbyes from behalf of glenbrae school we hoped Into the bus and left to go back to glenbrae school as we soon arrived at school we all hoped out of the bus and went straight Into the hall and line up In our class lines and went to our class to get the rest of the peoples bags.As soon as the bell rang we left the class looking tidy and off we went home.