Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Haiku poem

WALT: Write a haiku poem 


Softball is a game
It makes us people, happy
Softball is awesome

Monday, 24 November 2014

muesli labels

This is my work of muesli bars and how some muesli bars can be healthy and some can not healthy.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Today i was learning about how we can taste and not taste things in our mouth things that are
 Sweet, ,Salty ,Bitter, Sour Umami

  • Coffee
  • Tomatoes
  • Yogurt
  • Dark chocolate
  • Salt

  • Some fish

  • Pretzels

  • Mussels

  • Salt and vinegar chips

  • Pickles

  • Bacon & Eggs

  • French fries

  • Sausages

  • Lime
  • Lemon
  • Sour cream
  • Jelly Beans
  • lolly
  • yogurt
  • Chocolate
  • Watermelon
  • Ice cream
  • Smoothies
  • Cream
Umami (savoury)
  • Pies
  • Pizza
  • Burgers
  • Chicken

  1. Record the words you didn’t know before. Add a picture or sentence to describe what they mean.

Papillae (p.26)
It is a small round of an organ  the body.
Receptor (p.26 )
Respond to light, heat,
texture (p.25)
Is like a taste and the heat of the food.
recognise (p.28)
Someone and something

  1. On Page 29, there is the great jelly bean challenge. Mrs Parker will provide you with some Jelly Beans (or other items) to complete this task.
    Use the template for a science report below to write what you did, and what you found.


That there was a lot of sweet taste in the jelly beans
When my nose was block it taste blank and it has no taste to it when i took my hand off i had taste the jelly bean and i had  lime.

  • Your hand
  • Your nose
  • your mouth
  • Some of jelly beans

1.Your hands to blindfold you
2.Block your nose
3.A jelly bean in your hand
4.Eat the jelly bean

It taste blank when you block your nose.
When you take your hand off you taste the jelly bean.

I thought it will taste normal when you block your nose but when you unblock your nose you just have this yummy taste to it.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Reading Activity.

  1. Why are the hens on Zachary’s farm called Free range hens?That they need lots of sunshine and open space to roam in.
  2. “Free range hens have a good life” SHARE
List your reasons for why you do or do not agree with this statement
I agree with this statement because ...
I disagree with this statement because ...
  • I agree with this is because hens should live their life with care and health and respect.

  1. Record the words you didn’t know before. Add a picture or sentence to describe what they mean.

Cooped (p.16)
confine in a small space
yolks (p.16)
the yellow internal part of a bird's egg, which is surrounded by the white, is rich in protein and fat, and nourishes the developing embryo.
perch (p.12)
an object on which a bird alights or roosts, typically a branch or horizontal bar.
poultry (p.12)
the flesh of chickens and other domestic fowl as food.
pellets (p.12)
a small, rounded, compressed mass of a substance.

  1. Do an investigation. What is a caged poultry farm? Explain and find 1 - 2 pictures as well SHARE   
Its were the hens live in and stay in day and night.
  1. Which do you prefer? Free -range or caged eggs? Why? Explain your answer. SHARE

I prefer Free range because they need there own space.

High Jump and Running

Today,Tuesday the 21st  room 10 did a practice of high jump for athletics and went for a run.
In the high jump I tried to jump over but I was too close to the rope, and I missed my jump.
Improved my technique as I practiced over and over. Moli,Hannah and Siosifa had the highest jump of 1 metre 24.
Next we went for a run after we did the high jump.  I was not running, I was too tired, so I walked.   

Friday, 17 October 2014

Brussels sprouts

  1. From the facts on page 9, work out what fraction of the class 20/30
    1. have ever eaten brussel sprouts.  Twenty
    2. what fraction of the class like brussel sprouts. 5
    3. what fraction eat them regularly. 0.3
    4. what fraction grow their own. 0.2

  1. Look at the pie graph on page 11. From the fractions you have listed above, discuss with a classmate if the graph is correct.

  1. Do a quick survey of Room 10 students on a different vegetable

Enter tally marks eg.  IIII
People who have eaten Brussels sprouts
People who like Brussels sprouts
People who eat Brussels sprouts  regularly

  1. How do we compare to the students from Room 10 at Raglan School?  
  2. Because they have twenty that had regularly eaten it before
  3. and we had nine people that had eaten Brussels sprouts.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Holiday Explanation

Holiday Explanation

The holidays are a two week break from school, Between Term 3 and Term 4  also during the month of October.  

Why we have holidays because we need to rest our brain. Also to have a break from school work so we can have time to rest our body.When school starts, we can be on to work and finishing on time.

How we can spend our holidays. We can spend time by going for a family trips.We also can clean the house up. Also we can play games so we can't get bored of anything.

During the holidays I spent the time going to the movies, visiting my aunties and commemorating my grandmother. I spent time at the movies, to watch Maze Runner Saturday 3rd of October I went with my family to celebrate sister’s  14th birthday, my sister and I had a full enormous popcorn that is shared between us, my family had popcorn and chocolate.

Sunday 28th of September I went to my Grandmother's Services.I went by train to get to Kowhai Intermediate school, all my families were there but unfortunately I have never met or shared a conversation with,there was couple of her friends were there to greet her, we all prayed for her wealth ,also we sang for her after we were finished we had a feed to show her we care.

A few days later I went over to my aunt's house with my little sister for the weekend but we had to wait for my uncle to pick us up, we traveled there by car when we got into the car our uncle greeted us with an “hello” before he started the ignition and drove off, when we got to the area we planned to get to, after greeting my aunt's we watched movies and ate ice cream.

What I like the most about my holiday was spending exciting holiday with my family.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Dear Miss Anderson

Room 10
Glenbrae School
103 Leybourne Circle
Glen Innes 1072

25 September 2014

Room 10
Glenbrae School
103 Leybourne Circle
Glen Innes 1072

Room 10
Glenbrae School
103 Leybourne Circle
Glen Innes 1072

25 September 2014

Room 10
Glenbrae School
103 Leybourne Circle
Glen Innes 1072

Dear Miss Anderson

i am writing to say thank you for organizing the guest speakers and for the wonderful things you did for us. The University of Auckland was talking about there amazing things about what they wanted to be when they grow up.Thank you Miss Anderson we hope to see you again.

Your sincerely


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Dear Ms Susana

Room 10
Glenbrae School
103 Leybourne Circle
Auckland 1072

25 September 2014

Susana Jenson
Maori and pacific Admission Scheme Coordinator
PO Box 99822
Auckland 1149

Dear Ms Susana

I am writing to say thank you for organising the University of Auckland people to come and spend some wonderful time with Gelnbrae Students and for the game we played it was super cool.Thank you for the time you spent with us and i hope to see you again.

Yours  sincerely


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Dear Ms Catherine

Room 10
Glenbrae School
103 Leybourne Circle
Glen Innes 1072

25 September 2014

University of Auckland
Tamaki campus
261 Morrin Road
St Johns
Auckland 1072

Dear Ms Catherine

I  am writing to say thank you for coming to Glenbrae School and for showing us how to use the blood pressure it was awesome and i enjoyed it.Thank you all for showing us the wonderful game we had played.

Have you ever treated a patient?

Yours  sincerely