Monday, 24 August 2015

My Recount

It was a black,cloudy Saturday when our glenbrae students were having a car wash to fundraise for our year 7 and 8 camp.

“I woke up and did what I needed to do”and my mum dropped me off to school so that I can help out with the car wash.As I pulled in to the school, there were already people setting up the car wash liquid.While Mrs Atuahiva was cooking the sussages, I got out of the car and started helping my friends getting the cake’s ready to sell.The cakes were $1.00 each and the sausages were $2.00 each and the car wash was $10.00 up.

“When my friend ask me to be her partner to be in front selling the cakes, I thought for a moment and said yes sure why not”.I got a chair and sat down waiting for a customer to come and buy something the only car I saw was mostly the teachers and our first person we didn't know was David's brother the next door neighbor he was old and still driving a car.

We then had a lot of cars arriving  at our car wash It was amazing because we were fundraising a lot of money, we even had 3 $50.00 notes that our principal teacher and customer had gave us because they wanted to help us fund raise more.

Next we had one of our Glenbrae student bring chop suey and potato salad It was “Delicious” we sold that for $5.00 a plate.As the time was ticking more people started to arrive, at the car wash It was awesome.
Then we had a break which 2 of our teachers one of them was a kiwi can leader and the other was a teacher.They were “said we can chose anything and they will pay for it we all shouted yay”.As then it was near 11.30 I just waited for another customer to come and buy something from here so I can finish off with a good day.

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Hi Erina you are good on your work and you are good at you capital letter because you have put it at the right place and you full stop, speech marks

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