Tuesday, 21 April 2015


In the holidays I went out to bowling at about 5 pm with my sister,aunty and uncle for my birthday.My uncle drove us to the Extreme Bowling place near Botany.

As we arrived we walked into the place it was dark. But there were bright spark lights and little circles that were glowing on the floor.

When my uncle went to the reception he asked the counter that he had booked a space for us.He ask for all our shoes size and put our names on screen for us to see or total scores.

When the man gave our shoes we went to our area and put them on.When i saw my name first on the screen i was a bit nervous because they were sort of heavy so i had tried the X small one and it was just right for me.As I bowled the ball it was fun in the first round because i got a strike for the first time.

Next it was my sisters turn when she bowl she got them all down in one hit it was OK but i wanted to win.When it was my turn again i was getting ready as i swing the bowling ball back it slipped out of my hand and hit the floor i was quite embarrassed because there people next to us they were super good.

Next it was dark and we were still playing well everyone was packing up we left the bowling place and went to otahuhu to get something to eat i was hungry.We went to the otahuhu food bar it had so much options to chose from so i had chosen butter chicken it was delicious with naan bread.When it was 9 pm at night it was really cold so we had finished and left when we got into the car i really had a sore tummy from eating to much butter chicken.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

MADD Diary

April 1 2015   Today at MADD we talked about how we can self manage ourselves and what we are good at.We also learnt that we can learn from our mistakes.It is good to make mistakes because you know your learning from it.Next we talked about No is Knowledge and we had to act out a drama that goes with the quote.Group 1 were the artists, Group 2 was acting out touch ,Group 3 was rescaling it was fun, Group 4 were the musical they were awesome. The.The group I liked best was the musicians because they did a skit about how this girl came to NZs got talent but she wasn't that great so the judges said no but gave her advice on what she could do to improve.1 years later she came back and she sounded amazing so she made it through to the next round.Next Mr pitea did a chalk drawing and he draw Superwomen it was fun.

Pineapple Pies Problem Solving

James is making pineapple pies.He needs ⅔  of a pineapple to make one pie how many pineapple pie can he make with 12 pineapples? I had 12 Pineapple  i split it into ⅔ and then shaded 2 in each pineapple and then count the leftovers and circle 2 to make one pie and you will end up with six so then it will be 12 + 6 =18
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