Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Working With My Teacher Aid

In the morning we went with Mrs Atuahiva for steps.Steps is a program that helps people that are slaking off work a bit.Next I went on the computer to go on the activities that is from the program there are different types of games and work you can do.

I then stayed on the computer because I wanted to finish my spelling game so I can get a higher score to achieve my work standard and move on to a next level..

Monday, 24 August 2015

My Recount

It was a black,cloudy Saturday when our glenbrae students were having a car wash to fundraise for our year 7 and 8 camp.

“I woke up and did what I needed to do”and my mum dropped me off to school so that I can help out with the car wash.As I pulled in to the school, there were already people setting up the car wash liquid.While Mrs Atuahiva was cooking the sussages, I got out of the car and started helping my friends getting the cake’s ready to sell.The cakes were $1.00 each and the sausages were $2.00 each and the car wash was $10.00 up.

“When my friend ask me to be her partner to be in front selling the cakes, I thought for a moment and said yes sure why not”.I got a chair and sat down waiting for a customer to come and buy something the only car I saw was mostly the teachers and our first person we didn't know was David's brother the next door neighbor he was old and still driving a car.

We then had a lot of cars arriving  at our car wash It was amazing because we were fundraising a lot of money, we even had 3 $50.00 notes that our principal teacher and customer had gave us because they wanted to help us fund raise more.

Next we had one of our Glenbrae student bring chop suey and potato salad It was “Delicious” we sold that for $5.00 a plate.As the time was ticking more people started to arrive, at the car wash It was awesome.
Then we had a break which 2 of our teachers one of them was a kiwi can leader and the other was a teacher.They were “said we can chose anything and they will pay for it we all shouted yay”.As then it was near 11.30 I just waited for another customer to come and buy something from here so I can finish off with a good day.


Today in reading our work was on our reading site.As we got onto our work we had to answer some question about England because that is our topic for this term.I only got 1 question that I was not to sure of and that was Does New Zealand have a connection to the queen of England? I tried to search it up but was not understanding what it was saying.But I had fun because I was doing It in partners.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Today in maths it was fun because we were learning about decimals.
What i learnt from it was that we got numbers and we had to try out which decimal number was bigger and out of all those numbers i thought that the 0.9 was bigger because it was had a bigger tenths than the rest and that's how i know that it was the largest number because you only need 0.1 just to make 1 whole.

This helped me by solving my question.

Friday, 7 August 2015

My Quiz

This is my quiz please feel free to try it.
In class we are making quiz for people to try if you would like to make it go on


At Technology  we were in cooking class with a reliever  because our other cooking  teacher was away.We were not cooking today so we did paper work it was fun because there were activities we played like there was a Strong lee Disagree,Disagree,Strong lee Agree,Agree those are the areas we had to go when she said a question we had to think one of those.

We next had to write down all the things that are bad when you are near a hot element.Then when we finished we had to circle the bad things on the paper that was not good for younger people.
But I also had fun because i got to learn something that it is bad for little kids to be on there own in the kitchen.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tamaki Sience

Today is Tuesday and it was  morning tea Glenbrae students and 2 older teachers Mrs Adcock and Mrs Card.They were really fun to walk with even though people made mistakes.

When we arrived we meet Mr Malhorta he was really kind and when we were starting our session he made us all laugh I think but he was fun he is good being a science teacher.I would not mine him coming to Glenbrae school.

So we were talking about safety what you need when you are around acid stuff.And we also discuss what a science lab have compare to what we have at school.I was thinking that they have scopes and we don't have them also glasses are the main things you need.

He then showed us a electric toy which he had made and he also made other things that can move.
it was fun.We then had a lady I for got her name she came with her laptop and showed what we may see in a scope but close up the was a dragon fly wing it had heaps of lines I wonder that those lines help them stay the same and straight.As the next group finished looking in the scope it was our turn it was quite hard because you had to forces on that dot I was struggling but I stop breathing stay still and I saw it I was amazed.


At the end one of the students got to flew this big sort of alien ship I guess.It was really creative to use plastic to make something big like that I was pretty amazed by that I can not wait to come to Tamaki collage because I am a year 8 I will be going there next year and I will see him Hooray. Cannot wait to learn more things about science.

Monday, 3 August 2015

In School

Today is Monday waking up to a hot day i could not be bothered to get out of bed because i had a late night of my life.I then had a bath got ready for school and i was done i quickly brushed my teeth and creamed myself and head off to school i was a little bit late but i was OK.

In the afternoon we are getting our report done so we can show our parents for 3 way conference.I was trying to reach level 4P but at this very moment i am on a 3P i hope that is good.Then we are finishing off our poster for car seat i have a very busy hot day a head of me.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

In My Weekend

On Saturday morning we were going to do some washing at the laundry mat.I first showed change and waited for my mum because she was at my nanas house talking to my aunt and older cousins.As my mum told me we are not going till later in the noon i was alright with that even though i was a little bit tired i still managed to get up.

As it is the afternoon we just got a call from my grandpas brothers daughter telling her that my nana has past away i was thrilled and sad i was almost speechless i was full with tears because i was really closed to her but i don't often to see her only like when my grandpa wants to.She was really nice she was fighting an illness but i know she can she is a fighter but some how she just let it all go and it got to her with out us knowing.

Next we went back home feeling sad tired because they lived in Otara.And when we arrive at home we went straight to bed because on Sunday we are going back to the family and spend about 2-3 hours there with them.