Friday, 31 July 2015

Child Abuse

What Is Child Abuse?
Child abuse is when your parent or caregiver is physically  abusing with or something hard.As soon, as that person lays a hand on you should scream or shout out loud so the neighbor can hear to call the police.

Why Does It Happen?
Child abuse happened to everyone around the world because they might of had did something wrong or they just doing it for fun.Abusing children that are innocent is no good because you are just putting on a show so people can follow.It can most likely happen when there parents are Stress,Pressure From Money Problems,Illness or heavy responsibilities.

If I See Abuse,Should I Report It?
Yes because you can not let this happen again and again to the same people.If you see it you have to straight call someone or use a cellphone on you and call for help.And if they get to you should stay contact with the police and they will have him / her locked up.It is Important to look after your family little members as if this danger keeps happening.

Who Should I Contact?
The first person to call is the police they can help you with things that are going on in your family and your parent will be  reported as guilty for physically abusing little people of their own.

School work

Mahue always came last in a whanau race because people thought he was always slow.His cousins always teases him of coming last and always says that his name suits him. He will always run away and sit by himself on a long wooden plank.His Nan will always know he is there on the wooden plank he will cry and say he wants to go home to his parents.But his parents were killed in a car crash so he never got to know  them. He was brought up with his Nan and koro which he was used to.

Sunday, 26 July 2015


Today is Sunday and it is raining my day was getting the washing done then relax.I first did the washing with my mum and little brother.Then dried it.It was really hot in the laundry mat It was full with a island people.when that was finished we went home and watch some t.v.The fun thing i did was did some reading and learn my times table.

My Weekends

It started off with a bright sunny day when it was Saturday i was going out to Otahuhu to find my older brother suite for the Ball at Tamaki Collage.I went with my mum,cousin and my brother.when we all finished our showers we got ready and left while my older sister is at home looking after my younger sister and brother.

When we were on our way we listened to some songs then talked about things we came up with.It was really hot I felt really sick and i also had a headache from the songs.So put down my windows and the breeze was really good as i was cooling down from the heat i was falling asleep.I did not know that it was that long maybe it was because there were a lot of traffic on the way there.

As was arrived there we got out of the car and went through a lot of shops then we found the perfect suite form him so then we just hang about and went home feeling tired and hot.

Friday, 24 July 2015

At Home

After school i stayed at school at the park with my friends they were really fun to hang out with.I then read some books on line  and retell it to my sister at home.I then learn my maths times table to get better at them and when some one ask 9x3= i straight away 27.I learn so much online that's why we have net books because it helps you learn online like maths reading and also writing.

Lunch Time

Lunch Time......

In lunch time i was trying to think of what i am going to do?? so i had my lunch and when then 2 bell went i was playing with some of my friends and we were playing handball it was fun but as it was getting hot i felt a little bit dizzy but when the sun went down i felt a little bit cool.When it was my turn some hit the ball in to the puddle and it was wet and it also smelled like fish but it was fine we can wash our hands after.I had heaps of fun playing handball i think it is my favorite game but there are also bullies but i just carry on with it. 


In the morning i woke up to a sunny bright day and it was Friday and i knew there was technology at Tamaki Collage. Tamaki Collage is a grate school for people and they got heaps of things to do they have Cooking class,Science,English and heaps more.

But my day was Cooking with a wonderful teacher Mrs Heka she was a grate teacher to us she was really serious about her stuff and that what i like but she is also kind to people and others around her.When i walked in to the room with full of year 8 students i put my bag away and washed my hands because it is important to take all the germs off.She said to us students we are cooking "Hot Cakes" and i wounded what that was i was thinking to myself say is it like pan cakes "No" it is like making it with salt but using baking powder so it can rise not like pan cakes it just float around in the butter.

We next got all our Ingredients and bowls spoons to serve our dry Ingredients into a large bowl.We then put our wet Ingredients into a medium bowl and then stir.When we combine the wet Ingredient to the dry Ingredient we then stir and watch as it is combining together to form a nice smooth mixture.

Then you have your frying pan on top of a stove then heat it when it is nice and warm add your butter in and spreed it around then wait for it to sizzle then you just need to add only a little and that little will make a big hot cake just for one person.As me and my buddie next to me Tauola she is a grate person to work with we took turns of making our hot cakes.

Ready....When it was all finished we went in line to get Strawberry sauce  or chocolate or you can also have them together with Icing sugar. Tauola when up first  to get her sauce then me and everyone was waiting in line i could not wait to try this when i took my first bite all that chocolate was beautiful with the hot cakes.
When we were finished we all did the dishes also sweep and we were finished that took us nearly 5-8 minuets and said good bye to Our teacher and left.We were finished....

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Home Time

As school is finished i went to work on my net book at school on the park.I am here with my brother sister and also friends i know.We are reading books online and also play cool maths games that has Division Subtraction and other.I first read a book could the D'EVIL Diaries.It was about a devil Boy that runs away and he discover that there was a underground world.I next played games online but math games.It was fun because i have company with me and i also know them.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Home Time

As school is finished i arrived at my nana's house because no one was home to look after us.Next as my older sister walks through the door to pick us up we said good bye and left to go home.When we arrived at home i straight went to the room and played on my net book doing stuff like reaching things i know and taking pictures with my sister and brother.I then felt hungry and made me something to eat just in case i might fall asleep during my work.Then as i was just finishing up to have a nice hot bath i wanted to do some reading to get better and to learn my times table.When my day at home was finished my mum will pick us up to go movies because it is her pay day or we might go out dinner but most thing i like is shopping my "BEST" thing EVER........To Be Continued

Morning tea

Image result for people playing games with a little tennis ball cartoon picAt morning tea i played with all my friends out side playing hand ball it was fun.We first got into a line so who ever loses the next person goes and play.I had so much fun playing with them because they were hard case man i could not stop laughing i felt sick.I stayed in the game for long but at the last bell minuet i lost to another friend that was funny.Most of them were getting hurt like the ball was to fast and it will hit them some were on there face or finger but lucky we did not have that sort of problem.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Matariki Light's

It was cold wet rainy night when me and my mum,sister and cousin and he partner went to see the Matariki lights down at Maybury Street next to the police station.

Soon as we got there me and my sister Whitney ran out the car door and ran down the long path it was slippery and wet.I told her to wait because it was dangers for us to go alone so we went back and they just came out of the car lucky we went back.We then walked down together and of the Conner of my eye i saw some people selling lights they were really colorful they also come in necklace they were super awesome.

We then walked along the cool light and a disco ball on top of the tree the thing i like that was there was the fake people on the side with light's on them and when we run past the lights go on fast as so we have to try and beat it to the end.Next we went to see all the amazing lights the put on i wish we were cool as they were we made poses just like the statue lights we made front of them we also did funny faces it was the coolest night EVER..

Last thing was that it was getting dark and every one was going home we left the Matariki light's and went home because we were really tired we just wanted to go to bed.As we arrived home i fell asleep and couldn't wait to wake up to another day.

Sunday, 19 July 2015


Today is Sunday and I am at home resting except for doing washing cleaning and also going to clean out my mums work cupboard.

First thing we did was doing our washing and drying our clothes.Next we are going to clean our house and going to have lunch with my family.Then we are going to my mum work place and clean out there big cupboard with heaps of kids things because she works with little kids.

We then are going home to rest make dinner and relax and watch some t.v.My day was really big and at the end I fell really tired got sore feet and also got a really big headache.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Today is Wednesday and today I am reading and filling out the reading log.I am also writing about a story I read and retelling it to someone.I am also doing maths games on line and practising my timetables.Then i will relax and hang out with my family and talking about family stuff.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Today is Tuesday when my mum goes to work and we are at home relaxing and playing with our cousin.First thing i did was have a nice hot bath and got ready to go down to my Nana's house just down the road from us.

Next as I finished getting dress that nearly took a quarter of my day that means I will have 0.25 = 6 hours of my day.So then I decide not to go down because I was really tired  so we all played with water balloons that was really fun.So that is what we did for the whole day was playing with balloons it was CRAZY!! But also awesome.

But as the sun goes down and my mum coming home from work we are straight off to the cinema's to watch Jurassic World. I could not wait for this day to come..

 Image result for Jurassic world

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tuesday Work

Today is boring waking up to rainy day makes me happy to stay in the house all day and sleep.But as the sun comes out it gives me a headache I get sick from it I'm not saying that it is bad but it just does.Sitting at home is fun for me I'm not to sure for others but yeah its fun.I also read some books for my reading log and did some maths to get good at it .


Image result for cartoon math bookImage result for readingOn Sunday I relaxed with my family and read some of my books for my reading log.I also was learning some of my time tables to good at saying them and knowing them off by heart.


On Saturday I went out with my mum sister and brother to a show called The Emperor New Clothes.It was happening at the ground show in Green Lane.It was packed so we decide to pay for parking as it was getting full we saw a nearer parking and i was happy so we don't all the way.

Next we were at the door waiting to pay the ticket when we had paid the ticket she gave us a program to follow and if we want to get there autographs.We did not know were to sit because there were tall people right in front of us every were we go.But we found a grate spot were the little kids were I was excited to watch.When the lights went low a beautiful girl came out with a big dress that had lot's of pattens on it.Then a king came out with a big out fit so then I knew it will cool.

As the show was going on there was alot of baby's crying loud while the show was happening.I quite did not hear what they were saying.But I had so much fun spending time with my siblings because they make me laugh all the time.Also my mum she is awesome.

Friday, 3 July 2015


Today is Friday we always have Technology at Tamaki Collage the year 8's are in cooking class and that's were i am.Cooking is fun it's all about focusing on it so it doesn't burn or it might be still not ready so it is important to stay and look after your cooking.Today we are making...Fish pies it was yummy the ingredient we put in was Butter,Fish,Flour,Bread Crumbs and also Onions that makes you cry.
It is fun when you are cooking with a friend because they are there to help with what you need help with.
Image result for fish pies