Sunday, 28 June 2015


In the past few weeks we have been going to technology.The class room I'm in is cooking with the other year 8's.Its fun cooking because you get to cook thing's you never cooked before and you also can learn from it.These are the things we cooked in the past few weeks was:
Apple Dutch  cake , Burgers , Sponge cake , Nachos they were really yummy.I learnt that what ever you cook keep an eye on it so it doesn't get burnt.And what ever you cook it has 90% fat in it so make sure you check before you buy.
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Science In Room 7

On Thursday we went into Room 7 with Mrs Parker for our science experiments we were making bread using yeast.
First we put:1 Cup flour , 1 Cup of water , 1 tsp of Yeast , 1 tsp of oil  , and also sugar.

We put in a small bowl was Water yeast and sugar then we put it in the sun to set so we can put it in the flour mixture.As it was ready we put flour into a large bowl then add the mixture in it then Mrs parker said who ever wants to have a try at kneeing it they have to wash there hands and come bake to try it. So I wanted to try it out and I did but first I went to wash my hands first.

I was waiting in the line for my turn I was wanting to try it out because I have made bread before.As it was my turn I was kneeing it just right because the teacher said I was doing fantastic and i was happy.The reason why were were making it was to check if it will turn out doughy like the other one they made or will it turn out good.

Then while the dough was setting out we did baking powder and vinegar  but with a balloon on top will it blow it up the balloon or will it just rise without the balloon blowing up? We did not know so we tried it out and it blew up the balloon it was bigger than the other one.The other one was made out of water sugar yeast and baking powder.Then put a balloon on top and put it in the sun for 1 hour then it will blow up all by it's self.

Then the bread was ready and we tasted it and it wasn't bad at all we also made our own butter by putting cream in and sugar then shake it very well to combine it all together.
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Science In Room 8

On Thursday we went to Room 8 for science we talked about what was going to happened if we add lemon juice with baking powder and sugar to make a fizzy drink or a soft drink then you just keep mixing it till it rises to the top and it did it was fun.

Next she gave each house group a sheet of paper and there has to be 1 runner and 1 writer that knows how to spell all the words correctly so the person that was running was James and the writer was Tauola.It was a competitions between all the house groups.As james was running there and running back was kind of a had job.But he was all right at doing it we were nearly finished but also we got stuck on some words people were saying it to fast and she could not hear it.

So then I went and said it properly to her and we were finished.I had a lot of fun with this team group because they were really trying there best.Next we had to sit on the mat and answer some of the question the teacher said while I was taking photos and videos.Next we got a working sheet saying what was our title and our hypothesis was it going to over flow when we put the baking powder into the lemon.

And then we played a game we had to read the words on the white board then the teacher will take some words away while we try and get the answers while we read it.I had fun because we were learning new things that the other class didn't know.

Then it was coming to and end when we had to go back to class because it was morning tea our next
class was with Room 7.

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Science In Room 10

In room 10 our experiment for the day was which apple will go brown first and making scone out of 4 liquid ingredient and they were :

Water with baking powder,Sprite,L&P and Vinegar. These are the for things we used through out our whole experiment.
We first cut the apples in quarter and placed one in the sprite and watched it fizz the bubbles fizzing up means it has lots of cadorndioxide in it. Next we put it in the water with baking powder and it did not fizz.The reason why it didn't fizz was because it did not have much carborndioxide. Then we put in the third apple in the vinegar and it fizzed right up but not that much.After we put our last apple in the L&P and it also fizzed.

So the we put the in the sun to see which one will go brown first we put the timer on 5-10 mins.
And it looks like the sprite and L&P went brown first so then we had to write our hypothesis to think what was going to happen like I thought vinegar was going to be brown first.

After we had finished the Apple experiment we moved on to making our scone our group decided to go with vinegar so we did.As we put the self rising flour in the bowl and add vinegar it started it fizz and then we add the cream to it then mixed it very well but not to much because you want the air bubbles in it so it can rise.

Next we took off pieces of our scone dough and rolled them in to little balls.Then we baked it in the oven for about 15-20  I think.Then took it down to the stuff room to bake in the oven.

As it was ready we tasted it or we could butter it when I tasted mine my one was kind of sour and sweet but with butter it was really yummy.
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Friday, 26 June 2015

Kiwi Can

Today after morning tea we had kiwi can.It was fun playing games we played 2 games they were:
( 21 ) and Boom.Boom is like playing bang when you have guns but in boom we played with our palms.Also in 21 everybody wanted to get other people out but it was fun.And when we were doing the points we got most 5's and one 4 and 1/2.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Science In Room 9

Today we went to room 9 to do science it was fun.We did 3 Activity's our first one was pouring a table spoon of baking powder and 1 cup of vinegar and we watched it fizzed up.It really had a strong smell to it.When we finished that we had to answer the question on our net books.There were heaps of questions we had to answer but i thought it was worth it but i had learned something from it and new words.Our next activity was the salt and sugar experiment i could not wait to try an experiment like this first we had to get  our equipment ready before we start.

Things We Need:                      
 2 Jars
2 Small plastic cups
tsp of salt
tsp of sugar                    

Our last experiment was the coke and mentors we put the coke in a small cup and went outside with it and put in the mentors and watched it fizz up well the mentors it fading away it was the coolest day ever..

Monday, 22 June 2015

Today's Day

Today in the morning we had reading task to do there were questions on the board  we had to write them down and answer them we had to try retell the story but writing on paper.Then we finished we moved onto writing We had to finished off the sentence that was written on the board it was about Prank it was fun we also had to write a narrative.
My Day was fun..


Today we did maths we did all types there was
Working out fractions
Number patterns
Mixed up fractions
Improper fractions
Round up to the nearest and prime numbers
what i learned from it was Rounding it up to the nearest tens hundreds and thousands i also learnt prime numbers.I thought this was fun because i learnt new things.

Today's Work

Today WALT: Answer Questions based on a story.
My story was about Born to weave
When she was young she will always crawl on the ground and play with flax.When she was growing up her mother thought her how to weave so she went step by step using lavenders stalks.Then when she was used to it she can use flax's and make head bands kete all though's kind of stuff.

Saturday, 20 June 2015


On Saturday morning waking up to a cold,windy day
I had a shower getting ready to go to my aunts house.
I could not wait to go see my cousin because i
have not see them in a long time but the most thing
about them was that they live in Manurewa that's sort of far.
Well we were on our way we stopped at the gas station to fill the car so we don't
die out on the motor way.As we are done filling the car we were off and on our way.
Then we soon arrived at there place we all got out of the car and knocked on the door and my aunt answered she was surprised to see us here early it was funny.But only two of my cousin was sleeping
they can sleep till 1.00 clock in the after noon.But my other two cousin were wide awake so then we started playing in the garage we played hide-n-seek it was silence ahead.After my mum finished talking to my aunt we had to go but it was so fun spending every minuet with them.When we were on our way home i was falling asleep i did not get that much sleep.We arrived at home feeling sleepy.
And that's my Weekend

Friday, 19 June 2015


Maths Question:

Tom threw the shot put 4.93 meters
Andrew threw 5.78 meters
How many more meters was
Andrews throw?

My Answer:   1.25
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Thursday, 18 June 2015


Who taught Rangimarie to weave?
Her mum and her nan

What materials do they use for weaving?
When she was small she used to plait lavender stalks but now they are using flax.

What is a cloak?
A cloak is something you can wear on top of your shoulders and down it can be made with Paua shells,Feather and you can also use Plastic and paper.
What is a piupiu?
A piupiu is a skirt like a garment made of flax hang from a belt or rope they also use little beads for it.
Who is she making the piupiu for?
She is making it for her baby brother but first she had to prepare everything
What did Rangimarie give to her class for a present?
She had gave a kete bag to her class and taught her friends how to weave
Is preparing the flax hard or easy?
Nope only if you have everything together and all set to go
It can be hard for some people because they might not have everything
What is Rangimarie’s second name?
Te Kotahi Rau
What does the word Rangimarie mean?
Why do you have to be good at Maths to be good at weaving?
You need to be good at math to be good at weaving so you can make patterns and the corners of the kete
Is weaving an important part of the Maori culture? Why?
Yes because they weave it for birthdays or they are giving it to someone that is important to them

Why is it important for Rangimarie to learn how to weave?
So when she is older she can sell them or if she has kids she can teach them.And for her to help out other people if they want to learn.
When did Maori start weaving?
When the maori came to new zealand

Is weaving a good hobby? Why?
Yes Because you can use your own skills if you have any
You can learn from it and it also like maths
What can Maori people weave?
They can weave flax and lavender stalks,silver,Paper and wires
Who does the weaving in the Maori culture?
Sometime the old people or young ones
What is the plant used for weaving in NZ?
What other countries weave?