Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Recount About Swimming

Swimming At School

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On Monday 16th of February 2015 after lunch we had swimming at the school swimming pool.
We are learning swimming so that we are safe around water. We are learning the simple skill like freestyle, underwater, breathing under water, floating and diving. Miss. D taught us some skills and Mrs. R was supervising us.

Firstly we were changed into our swimming togs. Then we jumped  into the cold pool it was very cold but we enjoyed it because it was a hot day. We swam with the goggles to protect our eyes from chlorine in the water.

Later we were in our groups to practice various swimming skills. We all like swimming because it is fun as well as happy that we won’t drown when we get into bigger pools or even in the ocean.I tried my best to practice the skills that I have learnt  but my breathing was too difficult under water. Miss D was a great helper and Mrs. Ravi too stayed and helped those who couldn't swim.

Finally learning to swim is very important because we might drown and we won't be able to survive in water. NZ has soooooo much water everywhere. Swimming is super cool.