Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tamaki Sience

Today is Tuesday and it was  morning tea Glenbrae students and 2 older teachers Mrs Adcock and Mrs Card.They were really fun to walk with even though people made mistakes.

When we arrived we meet Mr Malhorta he was really kind and when we were starting our session he made us all laugh I think but he was fun he is good being a science teacher.I would not mine him coming to Glenbrae school.

So we were talking about safety what you need when you are around acid stuff.And we also discuss what a science lab have compare to what we have at school.I was thinking that they have scopes and we don't have them also glasses are the main things you need.

He then showed us a electric toy which he had made and he also made other things that can move.
it was fun.We then had a lady I for got her name she came with her laptop and showed what we may see in a scope but close up the was a dragon fly wing it had heaps of lines I wonder that those lines help them stay the same and straight.As the next group finished looking in the scope it was our turn it was quite hard because you had to forces on that dot I was struggling but I stop breathing stay still and I saw it I was amazed.


At the end one of the students got to flew this big sort of alien ship I guess.It was really creative to use plastic to make something big like that I was pretty amazed by that I can not wait to come to Tamaki collage because I am a year 8 I will be going there next year and I will see him Hooray. Cannot wait to learn more things about science.

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Mrs Tofa said...

This a really great recount of your visit to Tamaki College. I like the detail in your recount Erina. Keep it up.

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