Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Prize Giving

On Tuesday morning glenbrae students all came In dresses and some came In tuxedos and all sorts of clothes.We then had to go to our class rooms to take the roll and walk down to the hall so we can be seated.As we were waiting  for all the parents to be seated then we will get started with the program
and first we started with a song then room 9, 8 ,10 certificate then did another song some students did good In our class and I am happy for that.The same as the other rooms they done well and had made there families proud.

Next we went on to the juniors and they had also made there families proud they have all achieve what they needed to achieve to get higher marks In there reports.after the year 8s had to stand next to the stage so that room 9 will fer well as as we go to collage next year.As we have spent  memories here at glenbrae school we finally starting a new journey In collage.Well next we had morning tea and we get to have morning tea with our families well Me and my siblings had morning tea with my older sister.We had morning tea for 15 minuets and played around with friends families and more people you just met.Well we then went back In side and danced to show our parents what we have been learning In the hall and that Is "Dancing" I was shy to dance but I just thought In my head do for the people that came here today to see you perform On the dance floor. We had something called W.A.L.T I'm not a fan of that one we also have Sumbar that's with a friendship hold which was okay and last was Hip Hop my favorite one out of all I think that because It has cool movies and all sort but yeah I like that one more than the others.

When we were done we had lunch then same a usual the parents were taking a lot of photos of there proud ones which was cool.As It was coming to and end we all had to wait for Wednesday for our graduation.Next Year Here We Come.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Our Day At Stardome

Today In the morning we were going on a trip to stardome but first because it was Thursday we went down to the hall and danced because it was dance fever.We stayed there for at least 45 minutes and went off to stardome.We were going by bus there were 2 of them here at glenbrae school 1 was for room 10 and 9   the other bus was for room 7 and 8.As the teachers were settling in the bus the bus driver started his engine and head off to stardome that's all the way in Cornwall park.

It took us 19 minutes to get there or more because there might of been traffic.But once we arrived there we had our lunch and played at the park there park was amazing I first played on the wheel thing It was so much fun.I then went to play on the flying fox it was kind of low for some people like me.Room 10 and 9 played for 1 hour because room 7 and 8 were in the stardome looking at all the planets that were there.

It was really hot I started to feel sick and tired.But as room 7 and 8 came out of the stardome It was finally room 10 and 9 turn to go In.I felt excited because It was my first time here at stardome.When we walked In there was a space rocket on the left side of the door.But when you walked down a bit It was full with rockets and telescopes and the suites that were there.

We then got told the people with the bags put It Into and went Into a room that was called space
room.We sat down and the light went dined we were talking about space and whats up there and guess what did you know that the earth times It by thirty and and that's how far the moon Is.

After that we got to go and look around and see the different types of rockets and what they use to breath In space there has been a lot of people that has went to the moon and back and to get to the moon It takes 3 days and 2 years to get back.I find that hard to believe In.Our earth Is made up from little dust from space and left over sun that's how our earth Is made and It Is colorful from all the bits and peaces from space.

After that was all done we went outside to our bus we only got to spend 1 hour In there.When we said our goodbyes from behalf of glenbrae school we hoped Into the bus and left to go back to glenbrae school as we soon arrived at school we all hoped out of the bus and went straight Into the hall and line up In our class lines and went to our class to get the rest of the peoples bags.As soon as the bell rang we left the class looking tidy and off we went home.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Kiwi Can

Today IN kiwi can we were talking about respect and our topic was about respect others and our selves.We first got Into our energize and it was called power of one that was a fun game to play with the class.We only played for like 15-20 minuets but I thought It was worth It.We then played human knot that was the best game out of all.

Next we got Into a circle and taking about what we did last week but I was not here on that day that how I did not know much.After we said our catch phrase and went back to our class.
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Friday, 25 September 2015

Current Event Quiz.

1. Which North Island beach was in the news last week after a tragic 4WD crash occurred there?
• a. Foxton Beach • b. Muriwai Beach • c. 90 Mile Beach
Answer: Muriwai Beach.

2. True or false, John Key announced on Wednesday that the ‘Red Peak’ flag is to be included in flag referendum options?
Answer: True I think

3. Two thousand men have been saved from slavery by authorities in a co-ordinated international operation. What type of work were they involved in? • a. clothing manufacturing • b. fishing • c. farming

These are the questions that are part on the Current Event Quiz.Please Correct Me If I Am Wrong.


Today In technology we were doing graphics.We were finishing off the poster we were doing about juice cartoons.My one was called "FRUIT BLAST".It Was noise because there were people to much talking and I found It hard to concentrate.

After that I had finished my Poster and got points for that.I then moved on to my other poster I needed to do and tried to finished It.

I had a fun day at tech because It Is a grate opportunity to learn something you have never experience.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Science In Room 7

Today In room 7 our science was about "Light" and what kind of things that can make light.
We also had the same thing we had to get in our house groups like we did in room 8.

We were looking at types of ways how light Is form and were light can come out from.We looked at a prism and shined the light on It and saw how it was refract.

I had fun because we get to play with the torch and see what will happened that was my favorite.

Science Class

In the morning we had science in different classes,the first class we went to was Room 8 there science was about "Sounds".

She first put us in 4-5 groups and sent as off to our work stations,we only got 10 minuets at each station.Our first station had 5 pig cups with water but the water was not even,we had to try  which one makes the highest sound and the lowest sound.

1. Our Question..
Does It sound the same If we put different amount of water?
Will It sound the same when you hit It.We lined up the cups of water with different amount and hit It to see If there will be a sound.

We were learning all about sounds and it was fun,we made instruments by plastic containers with rubber bands on it and strum It to see If It works. This Is how we exact made it.
I had so much fun learning about sounds because it can make music.
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Thursday, 10 September 2015

My Work From Reading.

This is my boat from the endeavor.This is what i drew  using sketchpad it is a good website.

At Duffy Assembly

Today in Duffy assembly we had a man name Myron and he had a aero dynamic bike it was fun because it  he said it was makes him go fast and the little hole on the shoes makes him go even faster.When he goes past school he speeds at 40 k and hour but he  rides it at 110 k and hour.He also had won a silver medial in mexico that was cool.The most part he liked was his family going to mexico to support him.When he was finished talking and showing us his bike,shoes,helmet and skin suite we had our duff assembly which we all sang the Duffy song and gave out the books to the names that were called out.We were finishing up Mrs Raj was dismissing us to go back to our class.
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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Kiwi Can

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                            Today in kiwi can we went down the hall straight after morning tea.

Our topic was dealing with challenges I thought that It was a good topic because I deal with difficult                       challenge too.Dealing with challenges it difficult for some people like us because sometimes
work Is a little bit hard for them and also me.I find it difficult to focused on one thing because I end up talking          to others and doing something else.Well lets get back to kiwi can,Next we did our energizer and that                      was Hand Circle it was fun I always got out on the first round I was sad.
We then played a second games It was about distracting people when we have to focus on one person    there was more than just one person.Well I had fun again It brightens up my day all the time and look It's                                sunny what did I tell you.   I had a wonderful day
                                            at Kiwi Can.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Working With My Teacher Aid

In the morning we went with Mrs Atuahiva for steps.Steps is a program that helps people that are slaking off work a bit.Next I went on the computer to go on the activities that is from the program there are different types of games and work you can do.

I then stayed on the computer because I wanted to finish my spelling game so I can get a higher score to achieve my work standard and move on to a next level..

Monday, 24 August 2015

My Recount

It was a black,cloudy Saturday when our glenbrae students were having a car wash to fundraise for our year 7 and 8 camp.

“I woke up and did what I needed to do”and my mum dropped me off to school so that I can help out with the car wash.As I pulled in to the school, there were already people setting up the car wash liquid.While Mrs Atuahiva was cooking the sussages, I got out of the car and started helping my friends getting the cake’s ready to sell.The cakes were $1.00 each and the sausages were $2.00 each and the car wash was $10.00 up.

“When my friend ask me to be her partner to be in front selling the cakes, I thought for a moment and said yes sure why not”.I got a chair and sat down waiting for a customer to come and buy something the only car I saw was mostly the teachers and our first person we didn't know was David's brother the next door neighbor he was old and still driving a car.

We then had a lot of cars arriving  at our car wash It was amazing because we were fundraising a lot of money, we even had 3 $50.00 notes that our principal teacher and customer had gave us because they wanted to help us fund raise more.

Next we had one of our Glenbrae student bring chop suey and potato salad It was “Delicious” we sold that for $5.00 a plate.As the time was ticking more people started to arrive, at the car wash It was awesome.
Then we had a break which 2 of our teachers one of them was a kiwi can leader and the other was a teacher.They were “said we can chose anything and they will pay for it we all shouted yay”.As then it was near 11.30 I just waited for another customer to come and buy something from here so I can finish off with a good day.


Today in reading our work was on our reading site.As we got onto our work we had to answer some question about England because that is our topic for this term.I only got 1 question that I was not to sure of and that was Does New Zealand have a connection to the queen of England? I tried to search it up but was not understanding what it was saying.But I had fun because I was doing It in partners.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Today in maths it was fun because we were learning about decimals.
What i learnt from it was that we got numbers and we had to try out which decimal number was bigger and out of all those numbers i thought that the 0.9 was bigger because it was had a bigger tenths than the rest and that's how i know that it was the largest number because you only need 0.1 just to make 1 whole.

This helped me by solving my question.

Friday, 7 August 2015

My Quiz

This is my quiz please feel free to try it.
In class we are making quiz for people to try if you would like to make it go on


At Technology  we were in cooking class with a reliever  because our other cooking  teacher was away.We were not cooking today so we did paper work it was fun because there were activities we played like there was a Strong lee Disagree,Disagree,Strong lee Agree,Agree those are the areas we had to go when she said a question we had to think one of those.

We next had to write down all the things that are bad when you are near a hot element.Then when we finished we had to circle the bad things on the paper that was not good for younger people.
But I also had fun because i got to learn something that it is bad for little kids to be on there own in the kitchen.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tamaki Sience

Today is Tuesday and it was  morning tea Glenbrae students and 2 older teachers Mrs Adcock and Mrs Card.They were really fun to walk with even though people made mistakes.

When we arrived we meet Mr Malhorta he was really kind and when we were starting our session he made us all laugh I think but he was fun he is good being a science teacher.I would not mine him coming to Glenbrae school.

So we were talking about safety what you need when you are around acid stuff.And we also discuss what a science lab have compare to what we have at school.I was thinking that they have scopes and we don't have them also glasses are the main things you need.

He then showed us a electric toy which he had made and he also made other things that can move.
it was fun.We then had a lady I for got her name she came with her laptop and showed what we may see in a scope but close up the was a dragon fly wing it had heaps of lines I wonder that those lines help them stay the same and straight.As the next group finished looking in the scope it was our turn it was quite hard because you had to forces on that dot I was struggling but I stop breathing stay still and I saw it I was amazed.


At the end one of the students got to flew this big sort of alien ship I guess.It was really creative to use plastic to make something big like that I was pretty amazed by that I can not wait to come to Tamaki collage because I am a year 8 I will be going there next year and I will see him Hooray. Cannot wait to learn more things about science.

Monday, 3 August 2015

In School

Today is Monday waking up to a hot day i could not be bothered to get out of bed because i had a late night of my life.I then had a bath got ready for school and i was done i quickly brushed my teeth and creamed myself and head off to school i was a little bit late but i was OK.

In the afternoon we are getting our report done so we can show our parents for 3 way conference.I was trying to reach level 4P but at this very moment i am on a 3P i hope that is good.Then we are finishing off our poster for car seat i have a very busy hot day a head of me.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

In My Weekend

On Saturday morning we were going to do some washing at the laundry mat.I first showed change and waited for my mum because she was at my nanas house talking to my aunt and older cousins.As my mum told me we are not going till later in the noon i was alright with that even though i was a little bit tired i still managed to get up.

As it is the afternoon we just got a call from my grandpas brothers daughter telling her that my nana has past away i was thrilled and sad i was almost speechless i was full with tears because i was really closed to her but i don't often to see her only like when my grandpa wants to.She was really nice she was fighting an illness but i know she can she is a fighter but some how she just let it all go and it got to her with out us knowing.

Next we went back home feeling sad tired because they lived in Otara.And when we arrive at home we went straight to bed because on Sunday we are going back to the family and spend about 2-3 hours there with them.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Child Abuse

What Is Child Abuse?
Child abuse is when your parent or caregiver is physically  abusing with or something hard.As soon, as that person lays a hand on you should scream or shout out loud so the neighbor can hear to call the police.

Why Does It Happen?
Child abuse happened to everyone around the world because they might of had did something wrong or they just doing it for fun.Abusing children that are innocent is no good because you are just putting on a show so people can follow.It can most likely happen when there parents are Stress,Pressure From Money Problems,Illness or heavy responsibilities.

If I See Abuse,Should I Report It?
Yes because you can not let this happen again and again to the same people.If you see it you have to straight call someone or use a cellphone on you and call for help.And if they get to you should stay contact with the police and they will have him / her locked up.It is Important to look after your family little members as if this danger keeps happening.

Who Should I Contact?
The first person to call is the police they can help you with things that are going on in your family and your parent will be  reported as guilty for physically abusing little people of their own.

School work

Mahue always came last in a whanau race because people thought he was always slow.His cousins always teases him of coming last and always says that his name suits him. He will always run away and sit by himself on a long wooden plank.His Nan will always know he is there on the wooden plank he will cry and say he wants to go home to his parents.But his parents were killed in a car crash so he never got to know  them. He was brought up with his Nan and koro which he was used to.

Sunday, 26 July 2015


Today is Sunday and it is raining my day was getting the washing done then relax.I first did the washing with my mum and little brother.Then dried it.It was really hot in the laundry mat It was full with a island people.when that was finished we went home and watch some t.v.The fun thing i did was did some reading and learn my times table.

My Weekends

It started off with a bright sunny day when it was Saturday i was going out to Otahuhu to find my older brother suite for the Ball at Tamaki Collage.I went with my mum,cousin and my brother.when we all finished our showers we got ready and left while my older sister is at home looking after my younger sister and brother.

When we were on our way we listened to some songs then talked about things we came up with.It was really hot I felt really sick and i also had a headache from the songs.So put down my windows and the breeze was really good as i was cooling down from the heat i was falling asleep.I did not know that it was that long maybe it was because there were a lot of traffic on the way there.

As was arrived there we got out of the car and went through a lot of shops then we found the perfect suite form him so then we just hang about and went home feeling tired and hot.

Friday, 24 July 2015

At Home

After school i stayed at school at the park with my friends they were really fun to hang out with.I then read some books on line  and retell it to my sister at home.I then learn my maths times table to get better at them and when some one ask 9x3= i straight away 27.I learn so much online that's why we have net books because it helps you learn online like maths reading and also writing.

Lunch Time

Lunch Time......

In lunch time i was trying to think of what i am going to do?? so i had my lunch and when then 2 bell went i was playing with some of my friends and we were playing handball it was fun but as it was getting hot i felt a little bit dizzy but when the sun went down i felt a little bit cool.When it was my turn some hit the ball in to the puddle and it was wet and it also smelled like fish but it was fine we can wash our hands after.I had heaps of fun playing handball i think it is my favorite game but there are also bullies but i just carry on with it. 


In the morning i woke up to a sunny bright day and it was Friday and i knew there was technology at Tamaki Collage. Tamaki Collage is a grate school for people and they got heaps of things to do they have Cooking class,Science,English and heaps more.

But my day was Cooking with a wonderful teacher Mrs Heka she was a grate teacher to us she was really serious about her stuff and that what i like but she is also kind to people and others around her.When i walked in to the room with full of year 8 students i put my bag away and washed my hands because it is important to take all the germs off.She said to us students we are cooking "Hot Cakes" and i wounded what that was i was thinking to myself say is it like pan cakes "No" it is like making it with salt but using baking powder so it can rise not like pan cakes it just float around in the butter.

We next got all our Ingredients and bowls spoons to serve our dry Ingredients into a large bowl.We then put our wet Ingredients into a medium bowl and then stir.When we combine the wet Ingredient to the dry Ingredient we then stir and watch as it is combining together to form a nice smooth mixture.

Then you have your frying pan on top of a stove then heat it when it is nice and warm add your butter in and spreed it around then wait for it to sizzle then you just need to add only a little and that little will make a big hot cake just for one person.As me and my buddie next to me Tauola she is a grate person to work with we took turns of making our hot cakes.

Ready....When it was all finished we went in line to get Strawberry sauce  or chocolate or you can also have them together with Icing sugar. Tauola when up first  to get her sauce then me and everyone was waiting in line i could not wait to try this when i took my first bite all that chocolate was beautiful with the hot cakes.
When we were finished we all did the dishes also sweep and we were finished that took us nearly 5-8 minuets and said good bye to Our teacher and left.We were finished....

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Home Time

As school is finished i went to work on my net book at school on the park.I am here with my brother sister and also friends i know.We are reading books online and also play cool maths games that has Division Subtraction and other.I first read a book could the D'EVIL Diaries.It was about a devil Boy that runs away and he discover that there was a underground world.I next played games online but math games.It was fun because i have company with me and i also know them.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Home Time

As school is finished i arrived at my nana's house because no one was home to look after us.Next as my older sister walks through the door to pick us up we said good bye and left to go home.When we arrived at home i straight went to the room and played on my net book doing stuff like reaching things i know and taking pictures with my sister and brother.I then felt hungry and made me something to eat just in case i might fall asleep during my work.Then as i was just finishing up to have a nice hot bath i wanted to do some reading to get better and to learn my times table.When my day at home was finished my mum will pick us up to go movies because it is her pay day or we might go out dinner but most thing i like is shopping my "BEST" thing EVER........To Be Continued

Morning tea

Image result for people playing games with a little tennis ball cartoon picAt morning tea i played with all my friends out side playing hand ball it was fun.We first got into a line so who ever loses the next person goes and play.I had so much fun playing with them because they were hard case man i could not stop laughing i felt sick.I stayed in the game for long but at the last bell minuet i lost to another friend that was funny.Most of them were getting hurt like the ball was to fast and it will hit them some were on there face or finger but lucky we did not have that sort of problem.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Matariki Light's

It was cold wet rainy night when me and my mum,sister and cousin and he partner went to see the Matariki lights down at Maybury Street next to the police station.

Soon as we got there me and my sister Whitney ran out the car door and ran down the long path it was slippery and wet.I told her to wait because it was dangers for us to go alone so we went back and they just came out of the car lucky we went back.We then walked down together and of the Conner of my eye i saw some people selling lights they were really colorful they also come in necklace they were super awesome.

We then walked along the cool light and a disco ball on top of the tree the thing i like that was there was the fake people on the side with light's on them and when we run past the lights go on fast as so we have to try and beat it to the end.Next we went to see all the amazing lights the put on i wish we were cool as they were we made poses just like the statue lights we made front of them we also did funny faces it was the coolest night EVER..

Last thing was that it was getting dark and every one was going home we left the Matariki light's and went home because we were really tired we just wanted to go to bed.As we arrived home i fell asleep and couldn't wait to wake up to another day.

Sunday, 19 July 2015


Today is Sunday and I am at home resting except for doing washing cleaning and also going to clean out my mums work cupboard.

First thing we did was doing our washing and drying our clothes.Next we are going to clean our house and going to have lunch with my family.Then we are going to my mum work place and clean out there big cupboard with heaps of kids things because she works with little kids.

We then are going home to rest make dinner and relax and watch some t.v.My day was really big and at the end I fell really tired got sore feet and also got a really big headache.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Today is Wednesday and today I am reading and filling out the reading log.I am also writing about a story I read and retelling it to someone.I am also doing maths games on line and practising my timetables.Then i will relax and hang out with my family and talking about family stuff.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Today is Tuesday when my mum goes to work and we are at home relaxing and playing with our cousin.First thing i did was have a nice hot bath and got ready to go down to my Nana's house just down the road from us.

Next as I finished getting dress that nearly took a quarter of my day that means I will have 0.25 = 6 hours of my day.So then I decide not to go down because I was really tired  so we all played with water balloons that was really fun.So that is what we did for the whole day was playing with balloons it was CRAZY!! But also awesome.

But as the sun goes down and my mum coming home from work we are straight off to the cinema's to watch Jurassic World. I could not wait for this day to come..

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