Friday, 25 September 2015

Current Event Quiz.

1. Which North Island beach was in the news last week after a tragic 4WD crash occurred there?
• a. Foxton Beach • b. Muriwai Beach • c. 90 Mile Beach
Answer: Muriwai Beach.

2. True or false, John Key announced on Wednesday that the ‘Red Peak’ flag is to be included in flag referendum options?
Answer: True I think

3. Two thousand men have been saved from slavery by authorities in a co-ordinated international operation. What type of work were they involved in? • a. clothing manufacturing • b. fishing • c. farming

These are the questions that are part on the Current Event Quiz.Please Correct Me If I Am Wrong.


Today In technology we were doing graphics.We were finishing off the poster we were doing about juice cartoons.My one was called "FRUIT BLAST".It Was noise because there were people to much talking and I found It hard to concentrate.

After that I had finished my Poster and got points for that.I then moved on to my other poster I needed to do and tried to finished It.

I had a fun day at tech because It Is a grate opportunity to learn something you have never experience.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Science In Room 7

Today In room 7 our science was about "Light" and what kind of things that can make light.
We also had the same thing we had to get in our house groups like we did in room 8.

We were looking at types of ways how light Is form and were light can come out from.We looked at a prism and shined the light on It and saw how it was refract.

I had fun because we get to play with the torch and see what will happened that was my favorite.

Science Class

In the morning we had science in different classes,the first class we went to was Room 8 there science was about "Sounds".

She first put us in 4-5 groups and sent as off to our work stations,we only got 10 minuets at each station.Our first station had 5 pig cups with water but the water was not even,we had to try  which one makes the highest sound and the lowest sound.

1. Our Question..
Does It sound the same If we put different amount of water?
Will It sound the same when you hit It.We lined up the cups of water with different amount and hit It to see If there will be a sound.

We were learning all about sounds and it was fun,we made instruments by plastic containers with rubber bands on it and strum It to see If It works. This Is how we exact made it.
I had so much fun learning about sounds because it can make music.
Image result for rubber band instruments

Thursday, 10 September 2015

My Work From Reading.

This is my boat from the endeavor.This is what i drew  using sketchpad it is a good website.

At Duffy Assembly

Today in Duffy assembly we had a man name Myron and he had a aero dynamic bike it was fun because it  he said it was makes him go fast and the little hole on the shoes makes him go even faster.When he goes past school he speeds at 40 k and hour but he  rides it at 110 k and hour.He also had won a silver medial in mexico that was cool.The most part he liked was his family going to mexico to support him.When he was finished talking and showing us his bike,shoes,helmet and skin suite we had our duff assembly which we all sang the Duffy song and gave out the books to the names that were called out.We were finishing up Mrs Raj was dismissing us to go back to our class.
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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Kiwi Can

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                            Today in kiwi can we went down the hall straight after morning tea.

Our topic was dealing with challenges I thought that It was a good topic because I deal with difficult                       challenge too.Dealing with challenges it difficult for some people like us because sometimes
work Is a little bit hard for them and also me.I find it difficult to focused on one thing because I end up talking          to others and doing something else.Well lets get back to kiwi can,Next we did our energizer and that                      was Hand Circle it was fun I always got out on the first round I was sad.
We then played a second games It was about distracting people when we have to focus on one person    there was more than just one person.Well I had fun again It brightens up my day all the time and look It's                                sunny what did I tell you.   I had a wonderful day
                                            at Kiwi Can.