Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Holidays

During the school holidays i went to the movies at Sylvia Park with my Mum and cousins to do something fun.

It was a Wednesday, a sunny day, when my family went to the movies to watch the new out coming movie Transformers. My family went to buy the tickets,then  we all had to wait for 45 minutes. while we were waiting me and my cousins went  into the game area to play on some cool games.When the 45 minutes had passed my family walked in to the huge movie center. I was trying to find our spaces that we had been given on our tickets. I was searching for my seat, but as soon i found it other people were sitting on it. So My family sat in front of the movie theater, which turned out better because it was a nice clear spot. when the movie was finished we all picked up our rubbish and walked out.

It was Fun , Cool, going into Sylvia Park with my mum and cousins we were having fun going to the movies and the Escalator.

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Stephanie Parker said...

Excellent piece of writing Erina, your organisational structure and sentence formation is really coming along. I like that you have included complex interruptors and zigzag sentences.

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