Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tae Kwon Do

It was a bright sunny hot morning.It was our day to do Tae Kwon Do with our special coach Mrs Yu she is the one with all the comfortable skills and also with strengthen in her. Room 10 got into partners then used our arms , hands , legs , feet to Protect ourselves to defend those people that are trying to get you.Our skills we learnt today was how to break out of people that are holding on to you.After we all moved on to our next skill and that was our punching also blocking so no one or any one can get hurt when you have your arms blocking your whole face that is the importance part.When we had finished we had a game it was called fire and helicopter lots of people were having fun and lots of people keep getting out it was fabulous and funny.

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Stephanie Parker said...

An exciting morning Erina, I'm glad you are having fun learning Tae Kwon Do for self-defence.

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