Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Holiday Explanation

Holiday Explanation

The holidays are a two week break from school, Between Term 3 and Term 4  also during the month of October.  

Why we have holidays because we need to rest our brain. Also to have a break from school work so we can have time to rest our body.When school starts, we can be on to work and finishing on time.

How we can spend our holidays. We can spend time by going for a family trips.We also can clean the house up. Also we can play games so we can't get bored of anything.

During the holidays I spent the time going to the movies, visiting my aunties and commemorating my grandmother. I spent time at the movies, to watch Maze Runner Saturday 3rd of October I went with my family to celebrate sister’s  14th birthday, my sister and I had a full enormous popcorn that is shared between us, my family had popcorn and chocolate.

Sunday 28th of September I went to my Grandmother's Services.I went by train to get to Kowhai Intermediate school, all my families were there but unfortunately I have never met or shared a conversation with,there was couple of her friends were there to greet her, we all prayed for her wealth ,also we sang for her after we were finished we had a feed to show her we care.

A few days later I went over to my aunt's house with my little sister for the weekend but we had to wait for my uncle to pick us up, we traveled there by car when we got into the car our uncle greeted us with an “hello” before he started the ignition and drove off, when we got to the area we planned to get to, after greeting my aunt's we watched movies and ate ice cream.

What I like the most about my holiday was spending exciting holiday with my family.

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