Thursday, 2 April 2015

MADD Diary

April 1 2015   Today at MADD we talked about how we can self manage ourselves and what we are good at.We also learnt that we can learn from our mistakes.It is good to make mistakes because you know your learning from it.Next we talked about No is Knowledge and we had to act out a drama that goes with the quote.Group 1 were the artists, Group 2 was acting out touch ,Group 3 was rescaling it was fun, Group 4 were the musical they were awesome. The.The group I liked best was the musicians because they did a skit about how this girl came to NZs got talent but she wasn't that great so the judges said no but gave her advice on what she could do to improve.1 years later she came back and she sounded amazing so she made it through to the next round.Next Mr pitea did a chalk drawing and he draw Superwomen it was fun.

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