Sunday, 2 August 2015

In My Weekend

On Saturday morning we were going to do some washing at the laundry mat.I first showed change and waited for my mum because she was at my nanas house talking to my aunt and older cousins.As my mum told me we are not going till later in the noon i was alright with that even though i was a little bit tired i still managed to get up.

As it is the afternoon we just got a call from my grandpas brothers daughter telling her that my nana has past away i was thrilled and sad i was almost speechless i was full with tears because i was really closed to her but i don't often to see her only like when my grandpa wants to.She was really nice she was fighting an illness but i know she can she is a fighter but some how she just let it all go and it got to her with out us knowing.

Next we went back home feeling sad tired because they lived in Otara.And when we arrive at home we went straight to bed because on Sunday we are going back to the family and spend about 2-3 hours there with them.

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