Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Prize Giving

On Tuesday morning glenbrae students all came In dresses and some came In tuxedos and all sorts of clothes.We then had to go to our class rooms to take the roll and walk down to the hall so we can be seated.As we were waiting  for all the parents to be seated then we will get started with the program
and first we started with a song then room 9, 8 ,10 certificate then did another song some students did good In our class and I am happy for that.The same as the other rooms they done well and had made there families proud.

Next we went on to the juniors and they had also made there families proud they have all achieve what they needed to achieve to get higher marks In there reports.after the year 8s had to stand next to the stage so that room 9 will fer well as as we go to collage next year.As we have spent  memories here at glenbrae school we finally starting a new journey In collage.Well next we had morning tea and we get to have morning tea with our families well Me and my siblings had morning tea with my older sister.We had morning tea for 15 minuets and played around with friends families and more people you just met.Well we then went back In side and danced to show our parents what we have been learning In the hall and that Is "Dancing" I was shy to dance but I just thought In my head do for the people that came here today to see you perform On the dance floor. We had something called W.A.L.T I'm not a fan of that one we also have Sumbar that's with a friendship hold which was okay and last was Hip Hop my favorite one out of all I think that because It has cool movies and all sort but yeah I like that one more than the others.

When we were done we had lunch then same a usual the parents were taking a lot of photos of there proud ones which was cool.As It was coming to and end we all had to wait for Wednesday for our graduation.Next Year Here We Come.

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