Friday, 17 October 2014

Brussels sprouts

  1. From the facts on page 9, work out what fraction of the class 20/30
    1. have ever eaten brussel sprouts.  Twenty
    2. what fraction of the class like brussel sprouts. 5
    3. what fraction eat them regularly. 0.3
    4. what fraction grow their own. 0.2

  1. Look at the pie graph on page 11. From the fractions you have listed above, discuss with a classmate if the graph is correct.

  1. Do a quick survey of Room 10 students on a different vegetable

Enter tally marks eg.  IIII
People who have eaten Brussels sprouts
People who like Brussels sprouts
People who eat Brussels sprouts  regularly

  1. How do we compare to the students from Room 10 at Raglan School?  
  2. Because they have twenty that had regularly eaten it before
  3. and we had nine people that had eaten Brussels sprouts.

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