Monday, 25 May 2015

Early Child Hood Center

Today we were going to the Early child hood right next to our school.But first we went to the library to chose a book to read to our little partners.We had to buddies up with some one i was with Kyana-Lee as i was looking around for a easy book to read to them.When i had my book Mrs Tofa told room 10 to sit down so we can practice a song for them.Our song was if you know it clap your hands we were all singing it it was fun.Next we left the library and went to the ECE.It was fun meeting my little partner she was cute me and kyana-Lee were trying to read her a book but she wanted to play so we just followed on what she wanted.These are the things we did was painting,coloring,gluing flowers on a paper,and also played with toys when it was coming to a end for us to leave they sang a Samoan welcoming song it was awesome.As we were putting our shoes on we went straight back to our class room because it was raining.

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