Friday, 31 July 2015

Child Abuse

What Is Child Abuse?
Child abuse is when your parent or caregiver is physically  abusing with or something hard.As soon, as that person lays a hand on you should scream or shout out loud so the neighbor can hear to call the police.

Why Does It Happen?
Child abuse happened to everyone around the world because they might of had did something wrong or they just doing it for fun.Abusing children that are innocent is no good because you are just putting on a show so people can follow.It can most likely happen when there parents are Stress,Pressure From Money Problems,Illness or heavy responsibilities.

If I See Abuse,Should I Report It?
Yes because you can not let this happen again and again to the same people.If you see it you have to straight call someone or use a cellphone on you and call for help.And if they get to you should stay contact with the police and they will have him / her locked up.It is Important to look after your family little members as if this danger keeps happening.

Who Should I Contact?
The first person to call is the police they can help you with things that are going on in your family and your parent will be  reported as guilty for physically abusing little people of their own.

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