Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Science Class

In the morning we had science in different classes,the first class we went to was Room 8 there science was about "Sounds".

She first put us in 4-5 groups and sent as off to our work stations,we only got 10 minuets at each station.Our first station had 5 pig cups with water but the water was not even,we had to try  which one makes the highest sound and the lowest sound.

1. Our Question..
Does It sound the same If we put different amount of water?
Will It sound the same when you hit It.We lined up the cups of water with different amount and hit It to see If there will be a sound.

We were learning all about sounds and it was fun,we made instruments by plastic containers with rubber bands on it and strum It to see If It works. This Is how we exact made it.
I had so much fun learning about sounds because it can make music.
Image result for rubber band instruments

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