Thursday, 3 September 2015

Kiwi Can

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                            Today in kiwi can we went down the hall straight after morning tea.

Our topic was dealing with challenges I thought that It was a good topic because I deal with difficult                       challenge too.Dealing with challenges it difficult for some people like us because sometimes
work Is a little bit hard for them and also me.I find it difficult to focused on one thing because I end up talking          to others and doing something else.Well lets get back to kiwi can,Next we did our energizer and that                      was Hand Circle it was fun I always got out on the first round I was sad.
We then played a second games It was about distracting people when we have to focus on one person    there was more than just one person.Well I had fun again It brightens up my day all the time and look It's                                sunny what did I tell you.   I had a wonderful day
                                            at Kiwi Can.

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