Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Science In Room 9

Today we went to room 9 to do science it was fun.We did 3 Activity's our first one was pouring a table spoon of baking powder and 1 cup of vinegar and we watched it fizzed up.It really had a strong smell to it.When we finished that we had to answer the question on our net books.There were heaps of questions we had to answer but i thought it was worth it but i had learned something from it and new words.Our next activity was the salt and sugar experiment i could not wait to try an experiment like this first we had to get  our equipment ready before we start.

Things We Need:                      
 2 Jars
2 Small plastic cups
tsp of salt
tsp of sugar                    

Our last experiment was the coke and mentors we put the coke in a small cup and went outside with it and put in the mentors and watched it fizz up well the mentors it fading away it was the coolest day ever..

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