Sunday, 28 June 2015

Science In Room 8

On Thursday we went to Room 8 for science we talked about what was going to happened if we add lemon juice with baking powder and sugar to make a fizzy drink or a soft drink then you just keep mixing it till it rises to the top and it did it was fun.

Next she gave each house group a sheet of paper and there has to be 1 runner and 1 writer that knows how to spell all the words correctly so the person that was running was James and the writer was Tauola.It was a competitions between all the house groups.As james was running there and running back was kind of a had job.But he was all right at doing it we were nearly finished but also we got stuck on some words people were saying it to fast and she could not hear it.

So then I went and said it properly to her and we were finished.I had a lot of fun with this team group because they were really trying there best.Next we had to sit on the mat and answer some of the question the teacher said while I was taking photos and videos.Next we got a working sheet saying what was our title and our hypothesis was it going to over flow when we put the baking powder into the lemon.

And then we played a game we had to read the words on the white board then the teacher will take some words away while we try and get the answers while we read it.I had fun because we were learning new things that the other class didn't know.

Then it was coming to and end when we had to go back to class because it was morning tea our next
class was with Room 7.

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