Sunday, 28 June 2015

Science In Room 10

In room 10 our experiment for the day was which apple will go brown first and making scone out of 4 liquid ingredient and they were :

Water with baking powder,Sprite,L&P and Vinegar. These are the for things we used through out our whole experiment.
We first cut the apples in quarter and placed one in the sprite and watched it fizz the bubbles fizzing up means it has lots of cadorndioxide in it. Next we put it in the water with baking powder and it did not fizz.The reason why it didn't fizz was because it did not have much carborndioxide. Then we put in the third apple in the vinegar and it fizzed right up but not that much.After we put our last apple in the L&P and it also fizzed.

So the we put the in the sun to see which one will go brown first we put the timer on 5-10 mins.
And it looks like the sprite and L&P went brown first so then we had to write our hypothesis to think what was going to happen like I thought vinegar was going to be brown first.

After we had finished the Apple experiment we moved on to making our scone our group decided to go with vinegar so we did.As we put the self rising flour in the bowl and add vinegar it started it fizz and then we add the cream to it then mixed it very well but not to much because you want the air bubbles in it so it can rise.

Next we took off pieces of our scone dough and rolled them in to little balls.Then we baked it in the oven for about 15-20  I think.Then took it down to the stuff room to bake in the oven.

As it was ready we tasted it or we could butter it when I tasted mine my one was kind of sour and sweet but with butter it was really yummy.
Image result for plain scones on a plate        

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