Sunday, 28 June 2015

Science In Room 7

On Thursday we went into Room 7 with Mrs Parker for our science experiments we were making bread using yeast.
First we put:1 Cup flour , 1 Cup of water , 1 tsp of Yeast , 1 tsp of oil  , and also sugar.

We put in a small bowl was Water yeast and sugar then we put it in the sun to set so we can put it in the flour mixture.As it was ready we put flour into a large bowl then add the mixture in it then Mrs parker said who ever wants to have a try at kneeing it they have to wash there hands and come bake to try it. So I wanted to try it out and I did but first I went to wash my hands first.

I was waiting in the line for my turn I was wanting to try it out because I have made bread before.As it was my turn I was kneeing it just right because the teacher said I was doing fantastic and i was happy.The reason why were were making it was to check if it will turn out doughy like the other one they made or will it turn out good.

Then while the dough was setting out we did baking powder and vinegar  but with a balloon on top will it blow it up the balloon or will it just rise without the balloon blowing up? We did not know so we tried it out and it blew up the balloon it was bigger than the other one.The other one was made out of water sugar yeast and baking powder.Then put a balloon on top and put it in the sun for 1 hour then it will blow up all by it's self.

Then the bread was ready and we tasted it and it wasn't bad at all we also made our own butter by putting cream in and sugar then shake it very well to combine it all together.
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