Tuesday, 7 July 2015


On Saturday I went out with my mum sister and brother to a show called The Emperor New Clothes.It was happening at the ground show in Green Lane.It was packed so we decide to pay for parking as it was getting full we saw a nearer parking and i was happy so we don't all the way.

Next we were at the door waiting to pay the ticket when we had paid the ticket she gave us a program to follow and if we want to get there autographs.We did not know were to sit because there were tall people right in front of us every were we go.But we found a grate spot were the little kids were I was excited to watch.When the lights went low a beautiful girl came out with a big dress that had lot's of pattens on it.Then a king came out with a big out fit so then I knew it will cool.

As the show was going on there was alot of baby's crying loud while the show was happening.I quite did not hear what they were saying.But I had so much fun spending time with my siblings because they make me laugh all the time.Also my mum she is awesome.

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