Monday, 20 July 2015

Matariki Light's

It was cold wet rainy night when me and my mum,sister and cousin and he partner went to see the Matariki lights down at Maybury Street next to the police station.

Soon as we got there me and my sister Whitney ran out the car door and ran down the long path it was slippery and wet.I told her to wait because it was dangers for us to go alone so we went back and they just came out of the car lucky we went back.We then walked down together and of the Conner of my eye i saw some people selling lights they were really colorful they also come in necklace they were super awesome.

We then walked along the cool light and a disco ball on top of the tree the thing i like that was there was the fake people on the side with light's on them and when we run past the lights go on fast as so we have to try and beat it to the end.Next we went to see all the amazing lights the put on i wish we were cool as they were we made poses just like the statue lights we made front of them we also did funny faces it was the coolest night EVER..

Last thing was that it was getting dark and every one was going home we left the Matariki light's and went home because we were really tired we just wanted to go to bed.As we arrived home i fell asleep and couldn't wait to wake up to another day.

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Mrs Tofa said...

I net it was the coolest night ever Erina. I see the displays when driving past at night and it looks amazing. Even the lights at Te Oro are fabulous.

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