Thursday, 2 July 2015

Presenting Our Work

Today the 2 of July we did our presentations in our big school hall.When I walked into the hall I was amazed of all the class presentation.The other presentations were very cool and made me excited to learn more.But at the same time I was nervous about presenting my own presentation.

My presentation had something to do with science and my mum came along to help which was pretty cool.I first put the glue in and then add the water to it and gave it a good stir.When that was combine together I then added the liquid It was made by my mum it had Starch and water then you boil it till it gets thick.So I poured in the liquid and mixed it in with Borax it was a type of powder.When it was all together I could feel that it was getting more gooey to it.

But it was still runny my mum Ruth we home to make it another way with starch and it was perfect.When she came back it was slime I could not believe it so we added that to our what ever it was slimy watery bowl and mixed it together and all the slime she made was working it actually made slime.

I was happy and everyone was just coming to have a look and also touch but they weren't aloud because the borax it might react to there skin.Then it was the next class they we saying "EWW" what is that so I said it is slime they were so excited to see something new for a change and they also wanted to take some with them.

Then it was coming to a end were all class went back up to there class rooms and blog what they have learnt from there.It was a fun day for me and my friends that were helping Fine and Dallas.

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