Sunday, 26 July 2015

My Weekends

It started off with a bright sunny day when it was Saturday i was going out to Otahuhu to find my older brother suite for the Ball at Tamaki Collage.I went with my mum,cousin and my brother.when we all finished our showers we got ready and left while my older sister is at home looking after my younger sister and brother.

When we were on our way we listened to some songs then talked about things we came up with.It was really hot I felt really sick and i also had a headache from the songs.So put down my windows and the breeze was really good as i was cooling down from the heat i was falling asleep.I did not know that it was that long maybe it was because there were a lot of traffic on the way there.

As was arrived there we got out of the car and went through a lot of shops then we found the perfect suite form him so then we just hang about and went home feeling tired and hot.

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