Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Today is Tuesday when my mum goes to work and we are at home relaxing and playing with our cousin.First thing i did was have a nice hot bath and got ready to go down to my Nana's house just down the road from us.

Next as I finished getting dress that nearly took a quarter of my day that means I will have 0.25 = 6 hours of my day.So then I decide not to go down because I was really tired  so we all played with water balloons that was really fun.So that is what we did for the whole day was playing with balloons it was CRAZY!! But also awesome.

But as the sun goes down and my mum coming home from work we are straight off to the cinema's to watch Jurassic World. I could not wait for this day to come..

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Mrs Tofa said...

I love the way you are being Mathematical with the hours in your day. Fantastic Erina.

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