Friday, 24 July 2015


In the morning i woke up to a sunny bright day and it was Friday and i knew there was technology at Tamaki Collage. Tamaki Collage is a grate school for people and they got heaps of things to do they have Cooking class,Science,English and heaps more.

But my day was Cooking with a wonderful teacher Mrs Heka she was a grate teacher to us she was really serious about her stuff and that what i like but she is also kind to people and others around her.When i walked in to the room with full of year 8 students i put my bag away and washed my hands because it is important to take all the germs off.She said to us students we are cooking "Hot Cakes" and i wounded what that was i was thinking to myself say is it like pan cakes "No" it is like making it with salt but using baking powder so it can rise not like pan cakes it just float around in the butter.

We next got all our Ingredients and bowls spoons to serve our dry Ingredients into a large bowl.We then put our wet Ingredients into a medium bowl and then stir.When we combine the wet Ingredient to the dry Ingredient we then stir and watch as it is combining together to form a nice smooth mixture.

Then you have your frying pan on top of a stove then heat it when it is nice and warm add your butter in and spreed it around then wait for it to sizzle then you just need to add only a little and that little will make a big hot cake just for one person.As me and my buddie next to me Tauola she is a grate person to work with we took turns of making our hot cakes.

Ready....When it was all finished we went in line to get Strawberry sauce  or chocolate or you can also have them together with Icing sugar. Tauola when up first  to get her sauce then me and everyone was waiting in line i could not wait to try this when i took my first bite all that chocolate was beautiful with the hot cakes.
When we were finished we all did the dishes also sweep and we were finished that took us nearly 5-8 minuets and said good bye to Our teacher and left.We were finished....

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